What do we do?

What do we do?2022-09-05T20:29:31+00:00


Screw System2022-07-07T22:07:03+00:00

Slip on System (CLIP System)2022-07-07T22:07:46+00:00


Roller Handle

The roller handle is the contact point between the user and the accessory, and we can produce OEM design in terms of colors, branding, and material:

Soft Touch Handle – Mix of Polypropylene Plastic and Rubber offering greater comfort in the grip.

Polypropylene Plastic

X – Place of the brand insertion.

Cold-dip galvanized raw steel wire


The refill is what directly contributes to the good result of the work, being the width, diameter and fabric chosen according to the use that will be given to the roller.
Our machines, using the thermofusion process, allow the production of a wide variety of refill sizes:
Diameter – ø15mm, ø30mm, ø40mm, ø50mm
Size – 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 250mm, 380mm, 500mm


All end caps are ultrasonically welded, which allows for a permanent fixation. The color of the cap can be chosen by the customer, however, it is different between systems (Slip On and Screw System )


The Tray is the complementary accessory to the roller when painting small and medium areas. When choosing the tray you can define the size (mini, 180mm, and 220/250mm) and the color (OEM).


At Rigo we produce 2 sizes of buckets (8L and 16L) which by default are black, but as with other customizable items another color can be injected.

We currently work with the following fabrics:

Antigota Brico (White with one yellow stripe)2022-07-11T21:50:26+00:00

Antigota Brico (See technical sheet)

Antigota Super (White with double yellow stripes)2022-07-11T21:26:34+00:00

Antigota Super (See technical sheet)

Antigota Verde (White with double green/yellow stripes)2022-07-11T21:25:43+00:00

Antigota Verde (See technical sheet)

Epoxy (White with one black stripe)2022-07-11T21:51:26+00:00
Exterior Brico (Green fabric)2022-07-11T21:32:03+00:00

Exterior Brico (ver ficha técnica)

Exterior Super (Green fabric)2022-07-11T21:24:19+00:00

Exterior Super (See technical sheet)

Microfibre (White with blue points)2022-07-11T21:37:15+00:00

Microfibra (See technical sheet)

Polyester (White)2022-07-11T21:26:59+00:00

Polyester (see specifications)

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