Quality, Competitiveness and Ecology

Since its origin, Rigo has always been at the forefront of techniques focusing on innovation and continuous improvement. The first major milestone was the investment in the development of the production process of paint rollers through Thermofusion, being to this day the way all rollers are manufactured at Rigo, regardless of the type of fabric.

What is Thermofusion?

The thermofusion process dispenses the use of glues or resins between the fabric and the polypropylene tube.
For the assembly, the tube is heated at a high temperature in the vulcanizer, which allows the fabric base to be melted directly into the plastic, thus ensuring the durability of the product and its resistance to all kinds of solvents.

What is Ultrasound?

Another major innovation from Rigo was the start of ultrasonic welding of roller caps.
Ultrasonic welding is a process performed between two pieces of plastic where heat is generated by friction through mechanical oscillations. These oscillations activate the molecules causing them to move and the plastic to start melting. After a brief holding period under pressure, the two parts remain joined at the molecular level.

More efficient bristles

When it comes to paint brushes, there is also close collaboration with paint factory laboratories to develop the best formulas to achieve the most efficient bristles, adapted to the types of paint produced. For example, in the Junior and Minor brushes the bristles are composed of 30% natural and 70% synthetic bristles, with the natural bristles on the center of the brush head.
This formula allows for great efficiency in painting based on the relationship between absorption, retention, and the quality of the finish.

CLIP Paint Roller (Slip on System)

At Rigo we are focused on a search for continuous improvement of new formulas allying quality, competitiveness and ecology. With the imminent challenge of a search for sustainable solutions, Rigo created a new concept of paint rollers in Portugal, the CLIP Roller.
The CLIP Roller allows the painter to maximize the use of the same frame for several refills, thus reducing the waste of wire and plastic.

Rigo has more than 40 plastic molds and 80% of the production is made with recycled plastic, which gives it a highly ecological character and allows for price competitiveness. Day by day Rigo is becoming greener.